Why Releaf Med?

We are physician led, experienced professionals connecting Louisiana residents to physicians for the relief they deserve.

In Louisiana, a Physician may recommend medical marijuana for ‘any condition that he or she considers debilitating to an individual patient.’ – Louisiana Statute 10:46

This could Include: intractable pain, anxiety, trouble sleeping, muscle spasms,  concussions or PTSD.

Getting your card 

Step 1

Complete our confidential online registration form.

Step 2

Talk to our board certified doctor via phone or video.

Step 3

Get Approved and have your recommendation sent to the pharmacy closest to you.

Step 4

Arrive at the Pharmacy, consult with a Louisiana Board Certified pharmacist and get the products you need.

High Standards & Quality

Medical grade and high quality.

Cannabis is a 100% natural treatment for many ailments. See how medical cannabis can help you reduce chronic pain, alleviate stress and stress related medical issues, restore lost appetite, treat chronic mental illnesses, and more!

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Louisiana does not have a patient residency requirement. Out of state patients are not prohibited from accessing the state’s medical marijuana program.

Patient acknowledges and affirms that the possession of medical cannabis may be a violation of the patient’s applicable state and/or local laws. It is the obligation of the patient to comply with all relevant laws of their state of residence.

Accessing the Louisiana medical cannabis program does provide legal protections to patients within the State of Louisiana, regardless of the patient’s state of residence, but Louisiana law will not apply or provide those same protections to patients once they leave the State of Louisiana.